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Arizona Sunshine LB VR, based on the award-winning and best-selling VR shooter Arizona Sunshine, and Corsair’s Curse offer an untethered warehouse-scale VR experience that transports up to four players straight into the heart of a zombie apocalypse or into the enchanted galleon of the wicked Corsair.


Freely moving around and interacting with each other in one real-world arena using full-body tracking, 4D effects, and a range of supported VR gear. Players can create their ultimate weapon loadout in Arizona Sunshine or feel the wind in their face and the ground shake in Corsair’s Curse. These are some of the most immersive VR experiences yet.

VR Gear

Players put together their ultimate loadout from a range of supported VR gear


bHaptics VR vest


StrikerVR, PP-Gun, HyperKin Blaster


OptiTrack, BaseStation 1.0 / 2.0


All VR compatible backpacks


Vive Wireless Adaptor


Vibrating Floors, Wind Effects

Arizona Sunshine LB VR

Genre:       Duration:         Players:          Age
Shooter     ~30 Minutes      1-4                   18+
Join forces with up to 4 players and take on the brain-hungry undead as they lurch out of the surrounding canyons to attack you, wave after wave. Can your squad hold out long enough to set a new record?

Freely explore a post-apocalyptic world

Say goodbye to motion sickness and teleporting and say hello to untethered action. Arizona Sunshine – LB VR Edition is a VR experience that lets you freely roam a post-apocalyptic world by moving around in the real world.

Join forces with up to 4 survivors

Interact with up to four friends in one warehouse-scale arena, and interact with your fellow survivors in the real-world space for the optimal chances of survival. Jump in guns blazing or operate together tactically – it all depends on your play style and what your mission requires.

Create the ultimate weapon loadout

There’s a gun for every situation. With support for all leading VR peripherals, from the Striker Gun, PP Gun and Hyperkin Blasters to the Hardlight vest, you will build your ultimate weapon loadout before heading into the mission – or swap out your guns on the go.
Ghost Patrol VR - Logo

Ghost Patrol VR

Genre:         Duration:          Players:          Age
Adventure ~20 Minutes      1-4                    all
Color Ghosts have invaded a strange manor where hallways move and even the furniture has come to life! Find your way through the maze of enchanted hallways in large-scale free-roam, collect power crystals and work together to bust the wicked Ghost King!


  • Match the color of your Hue Blaster to the Color Ghosts and shoot!
  • Charge mysterious orbs to move hallways and activate platforms
  • Beat your friends’ high scores by defeating the most Color Ghosts


Ghost Patrol is fully localized in English, French and Spanish for the players, they can experience the adventure in the language comfortable with.
Ghost Patrol VR - Screenshot 01[1080p]

The Corsair's Curse

Genre:         Duration:          Players:          Age
Puzzle         ~30 Minutes      2-4                    all
The Corsair’s Curse is a free-roam, large-scale VR experience that allows two to four players to physically walk around and interact in a shared VR play space.

4D Effects

The Corsair’s Curse provides optional support for 4D effects such as vibrating floors and wind, all creating the perfect illusion of exploring its magical VR world.

Escape Room Style

The Corsair’s Curse comes with a fully localized English and French Game Master console that provides operators with all tools for effortless configuration and in-game guidance.


What's in the box


Four game seats for unlimited playthroughs


Four game seats for unlimited playthroughs


Show off live gameplay on a regular screen for onlookers


Software that transfer builds to machines easily. One single interface to interact with the VR backpacks


Single line of communication for Arcade support requests


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